David Wray

Owner / Head Coach

⁃ Pick one word that best describes you!


⁃ Give a brief description about yourself including where you grew up.

I was born in North Carolina, but grew up for the most part on Vashon Island near Seattle Washington. I loved sports throughout my childhood and teens playing all 3 seasons. Soccer until I could play Football, wrestling, baseball, and track, switching it up along the way. If I wasn't playing a sport I was in the weight room. I am competitive by nature and love a good challenge. I hate not being able to do something. I am married to my beautiful wife Casey and have 3 amazing children Sierra, Cayden, and Taryen.

⁃ What is your favorite sport?

Playing football. I hate watching it though. I would rather play than sit in front of a T.V.

⁃ What do you do in your spare time? Hobbies??


⁃ When did you first start Crossfit & why?

In October around 4 years ago. I was really out of shape and gained a few more pounds than I liked while working shift work. I needed something different and kept losing workout partners. They would fall off then I would soon after. I was tired of the same old boring routine. Chest on Mondays, back on Tuesdays.....

⁃ What made you decide to become a CF coach?

The community, I did more than drank the Kool-Aid.

⁃ What certifications do you currently have and what certifications would you like to get?

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Scaling Course, CrossFit Spot The Flaw, CrossFit Programming. My goal is to get all of the Crossfit Certs eventually.

⁃ What is your Favorite & Least Favorite element in Crossfit?

Favorite Double Unders, Least favorite Rowing!

⁃ What do you think makes a great CF coach?

Possessing Empathy. Knowing the struggles and frustrations that come along with wanting to be healthy.

⁃ What would you say to that one person that is skeptical about joining a Crossfit gym?

Just drop in! You won't regret it. I was scared to start. It even took me a couple months to get the courage to drop in. I'm glad I did and wish I would have sooner.

⁃ What is one quote you live by?

Speak softly and carry a big stick. Theodore Roosevelt

Becky Graham

Strength & Conditioning

I'm Becky Graham! My favorite things in life are Jesus, my husband and my kids! I have a way collecting stray animals and getting myself into lots of projects! I really like people! I like to be there for them, teach them, learn from them, listen to them, help them chase their dreams and be a part of their excitement for life! I love to yell and clap! In fact that's what I'm doing most of the time!

Being a coach is my dream job! I have no other desire to do anything else but coach people. Nutrition is huge for me. I spend a lot of time reading, learning and trying different ways to remedy people's difficulties in life with nutrition.

I am currently studying for my National Academy of Sports Medicine test. After, I hope to get my USAW certification. Coaching Olympic lifting as well as participating in Olympic lifting is extremely challenging and exciting to me. I currently volunteer in an all female high school lifting class and look forward to it every week!

I started CrossFit in 2013. I am a huge fan of the empowerment and community that it has created in myself and so many others. My main gain from CrossFit is strong functional movement in my entire life. Although I love to train CrossFit, I also like to compete in Strongman's, Spartans, half marathons. Pretty much anything I get talked into. I hate hiking but have successfully hiked 18 mile Three Fingered Jack and 32 miles through the Olympic National Forest.

I look forward to learning so much more about health and fitness this year and seeing what other adventures I can get into!

Brian Montgomery


Pick one word that best describes you:

Give a brief description about yourself including where you grew up:

I grew up in Knappa and attended Knappa Schools. At KHS I played football, basketball, and golf, though not particularly well. After high school I graduated from Oregon State University. From there I took a job with Georgia-Pacific at our Wauna facility, where I continue to work as the manager of our financial analysis group. My wife, Katie, and I live in Knappa with our two daughters, Eloise and Sloane.

What is your favorite sport:

Football is my favorite sport to watch. Hoops a close second. Poker is my favorite sport to play.

What do you do in your spare time?Hobbies?
Running and exercising for time. Watching all things Oregon State athletics. Hunting trips with my family. Beers with friends. The girls keep me pretty busy nowadays so spare time is a commodity.

When did you first start Crossfit & why?

A little more than 5 years ago I heard that a local guy was starting a CrossFit gym. I didn’t know anything about CrossFit, but I was about 6 months into my transition from an overweight, lazy, know it all college kid to a disciplined, fit, and healthy adult (still a work in progress btw). So I figured I’d give it a try. Josh and I were Danny’s first members. The structure, competition, and community hooked me. I ended up losing about 60 pounds and I’ve just tried to continue to be a better athlete and person each day.

What made you decide to become a CF coach?
I enjoy teaching people new things. I like it when someone really puts forth a good effort and wants to learn and do well. CrossFit is filled with those kinds of people. Seeing something click for another person and how happy and excited they get is rewarding as a coach.

What certifications do you currently have and what certifications would you like to get?
I have my CF-L1 and Outlaw Barbell certs. I’d like to attend a CrossFit endurance course and a running clinic.

What is your Favorite & Least Favorite element in Crossfit?
My favorite elements are not movements, but really the environment CrossFit fosters. By that I mean the intensity, competitiveness, and sense of community it brings out in people. My least favorite movement is C2B pull ups. For some reason those things always eat my lunch.

What do you think makes a great CF coach?

A depth and breadth of knowledge in human movement. An eye for good and bad movement. The ability to communicate with people of diverse background and ability levels.

What would you say to that one person that is skeptical about joining a Crossfit gym?
Let go of your inhibitions and insecurities. No one is there to judge you. Just put forth a good attitude and effort. Live in the days and weeks and the months and years will take care of themselves.

What is one quote you live by?

Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.”

Cori Jones


I was born and raised in Page, Arizona.  I went to the University of Arizona and got a degree in Public Health Education.  I taught middle school health and science in Sahuarita, AZ for nearly 10 years before taking a break to raise my own two kids.  My husband took a position with a new company and we moved to Astoria and could not be more happy with our decision to move here. 

Favorite sport to watch is Crossfit, then speed skating and swimming.

In my spare time I like to do projects around the house, garden, and shop.

Started Crossfit in February of 2013, in our old coach's garage!  I loved it!  I was hooked the first time we did thrusters 🖤.  My friend, Kori, in Arizona made me go with her.  I would have never gone without her. 

I decided to become a coach because I had always thought about doing it, knew I would like it, so when the opportunity came up I decided to go for it.  Right now I have my Level 1 Crossfit Certification.  I would love to get certified in Kids Crossfit, Nutrition, and Gymnastics.

Favorite Crossfit element would be pull ups and thrusters.  Least favorite are snatches and ring dips.

Patience and the ability to explain things multiple ways and show people multiple ways to do the same movement makes a good coach. 

A quote that I live by is "To treat others the way you would like to be treated".  It is simple, and kind of lame, but if everyone did this, the world would be a much nicer place

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