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What exactly is CrossFit? CrossFit is constantly varied so each workout is different, functional movement which means how we move in real life, and high intensity so your heartrate is elevated. With CrossFit you have a certified instructor aka "Coach" that gives you hands on training within a structured environment. You will learn balance, coordination, agility, accuracy, strength, flexibility, endurance and stamina.

Kids CrossFit Greenhorns / Homeschool P.E.

Homeschool P.E. and CrossFit 1811 Greenhorns is perfect for any child trying to increase thier physical activity or prepare any sport.  This class is fun for all ages. Our constantly changing and challenging workouts keep kids engaged and excited for thier next class.

Through thses classes we will improve overal muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, coordination, speed, balance, and overall power output. 

1811 HIIT

Our 1811 HIIT workouts are designed to be quick and effective, while relieving some of the struggles of getting in shape.

The long and ongoing workouts that some other methods offer can be too much for some, leaving you feeling defeated and frustrated. With our 45 Minute sessions that deliver maximum results. our 1811 HIIT Workouts will leave you feeling accomplished.

With 1811 HIIT We use the popular method of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and blend it with rest intervals to keep you excited. Our dedicated couches will motivate you to keep you moving and lead you into using perfect form. Our exercises are challenging but simple to learn and pose a low risk of injury. With the help from our couches, you will have no problem perfecting the movements all while having a blast doing them.

Silvers Class

This class is designed specifically for those that are ages 55 and up.  Like CrossFit everything that we do can be modified to fit any finess level. This class is for those Silvers that are wanting get healthy, have better balance, mobility, and overall fitness. If you want to have that extra energy to play with the grand kids and enjoy your retirement this is the class for you.  

1811 Sweat

Ever spend hours on the treadmill wondering, “Isn’t there a better way to reach my goals?” Now there is! At CrossFit 1811, our 1811 SWEAT workout delivers the best weight loss results in only 30 minutes per session. 1811 SWEAT is not like your typical CrossFit 1811 Class. Every 1811 Sweat session is professionally designed and led by our certified coaches who are driven to help you get the results you want FAST! Our Method is to get you in and out of the gym with MAXimum Results. Our 1811 SWEAT class is a cardio based light weight, high rep, session that requires little to no prior experience. All movements in out 1811 Sweat class are easy to learn. In 30 minutes we will get you sweating, feeling accomplished, and on your way to conquer the night.

Sports Performance (Teens)


Our Sports Performance is based on the idea that athletes are training to compete. This system is designed to prep our athletes to reach their peak for their Sophomore, Junior & Senior year seasons. Athletes are given an exposure to elite level training to prep for high level competition through an increased frequency and exposure to agility, sprints, jumps, sleds, and lifts to further enhance the athletes abilities to excel in every sport.

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